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Goddess With an Attitude

You have the power to live life on your terms. It’s time to start believing in your own magic and your ability to craft your life to be exactly how you want it. 

It’s TIme To Level Up!

We are collectively and individually moving to higher energy levels. 

You are being called to Level Up!

Leveling up is part of every spiritual journey and now more than ever you are being called to shift to higher levels of vibrations and find new ways to exist and co-create with others. 

I assist individuals with these shifts to new levels by using tools such as the tarot, psychic channeled messages, light codes & energy work.

A Little More About Me

Valorie Lewis

I am the Goddess with an attitude!

I like to challenge the beliefs we hold about ourselves, because it always leads to spiritual growth. And I’m all about GROWTH! I strive to live an aligned life and let myself be guided by Source and my intuition.

I combine my extrasensory gifts with my creative, sarcastic and humorous style of communication to provide you insight and guidance on life’s journey.

Spiritual Mentor, Psychic Goddess & Ascension Activator

Intuitive Readings

Light Code Activations


What My Clients Say

My reading with Valorie was absolutely amazing! She pulled cards that were spot on for where I’m heading. She read the cards with an abundance of thoughtful intuition and insight. I got total confirmation that my new business venture is on the right track. I wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Valorie!
Mischa B.
Colorado, USA

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Please email me at valorie@goddesswithanattitude.com so we can discuss your goals and website needs.