You have the power to live life on your terms. It’s time to start believing in your own magic and your ability to craft your life to be exactly how you want it. 


What does it mean to “Embrace Your GODDESS Power”?

It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your life and claiming your divine power.

It is my passion and purpose to empower women to change the course of their lives, to live as CREATORS not merely REACTORS. I inspire women to live as their truest, most authentic selves and to live as the goddesses they came here to be! 

I help women conquer their fears, find their inner strengths, tap into their intuition and begin achieving what they most want out of life. 

I am a speaker, author, and certified psychic life coach. I offer workshops, private & group sessions and mentorship programs that foster personal and spiritual growth.

A Little More About Me

Valorie Lewis

I am the Goddess with an attitude! 

I like to challenge the beliefs we hold about ourselves, because it always leads to spiritual growth. And I’m all about GROWTH! I strive to live an aligned life and let myself be guided by Source and my intuition. 

I was blessed with the spiritual gifts of  claircognizance, channeling and the ability to read Tarot & Oracle cards. 

I combine those gifts with my creative, sarcastic and humorous style of communication to provide you insight and guidance on life’s journey.

Events (1)


I host several events designed to help you live a limitless life. Teaching tarot, working with pendulums, guided meditations and business networking events to name just a few!
Please check out my event page for more information!



Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Tarot & Oracle cards are excellent tools that facilitate self-growth and spiritual growth.
Using the cards is a way to take a closer look at your current situation from a higher perspective and to open yourself up to Divine guidance. Receiving an intuitive reading allows you to gain clarity, focus and tap into your own special magic.


What My Clients Say

Valorie is AMAZING! She’s in touch with Source and follows her intuition to tailor the readings right to me. I’m a repeat customer and will keep coming back for the way she clarifies exactly what I need to hear. Thank you Valorie for sharing your gifts with me! Bless you!
Carly W.
Kansas, USA