Goddess With An Attitude

“I assist individuals with shifts to new levels by using tools such as the tarot, psychic channeled messages, light codes & energy work.”

-Valorie Lewis, Ascension Activator

Valorie Lewis


Hi, I’m a psychic medium, intuitive and life coach who loves delivering messages from Spirit with sarcasm, humor and some ATTITUDE! 

I struggled for a good portion of my life trying to figure out why I was even here. My philosophical mind needed to know what was the purpose of human life…the big picture. Once I finally figured out my purpose…I wanted to make sure no one else had to struggle with finding their purpose as much as I did. So helping others find direction and purpose also became part of my mission, part of my reason for being here.

I have a sincere passion to serve and empower others to live life authentically, fully and with purpose.

You’ve got questions?
Spirit has answers!

A psychic reading is an excellent way to gain guidance and clarity.

What is a psychic reading session like?
A session with a psychic where messages come thru to help guide you and give you clarity. (includes these types of readings: Tarot, Psychic Development, Interstellar Messages, Mediumship, Starseeds, etc.)

What’s so special about a reading with Valorie?
She tells it like it is! She is the sassy, foul mouthed messenger for Spirit. Valorie also includes practical steps on how to use the messages and clarity received.


30 mins – $111 USD

60 mins – $222 USD

What My Clients Say

“What a wonderful event. Valorie shared her wisdom and some great information on Pendulums. My pendulum chose me, I wasn’t looking for one, but could not pass it up. Now I know how to use it and what it is telling me. Thank you for these events!”

Pam W.

“I totally enjoyed my reading with Valorie! She pulled cards that were just perfect for this time in my life – and read them with great intuition and insight. You can feel her big heart and good vibes. I highly recommend a reading with Valorie!”

Kat B.


“Valorie is an amazing practitioner with a talent for connecting to your guides and spirit with ease. She always makes me feel completely comfortable and there are usually some laughs which I love!! I highly recommend her!”

Ari H.

AwkwardlyZen.com & Awkwardly Psychic

“My reading with Valorie was absolutely amazing! She pulled cards that were spot on for where I’m heading. She read the cards with an abundance of thoughtful intuition and insight. I got total confirmation that my new business venture is on the right track. I wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Valorie!”

Mischa B.

“Valorie pulled cards for me and it was so amazing and spot on!! It is rare for me to get chills or to get goosebumps. This happened over and over during our reading. She is incredible!!”

Kelly H.

“I have received several readings from Valorie and I love her readings. She is very gifted and accurate in her readings. She is also a wonderful teacher, her classes are always fun and informative. I highly recommend Valorie for Tarot/intuitive readings, as well as, a teacher and mentor. She is also one of the funniest humans on the planet!”

Laurie H.