Spiritual Mentorship

Are you looking for a spiritual mentor to support you during challenging times?

Are you ready to step into a more authentic version of yourself, but you would like some guidance and support as you take these next big steps on your life’s journey?

Do you have some personal work to do, but you don’t know how or where to start?

I offer a unique type of spiritual mentorship to individuals who are ready to embrace growth and move forward on their spiritual paths.

Making life changes can sometimes seem like an overwhelming, but necessary task. I am here to walk with you and give you support and guidance during this exciting time in your life!

Mentoring will offer you a chance to be heard, but more importantly a chance to gain clarity on your next steps forward. As we connect with Source during your mentoring session, I allow Divine guidance to show us what will be the most beneficial ACTIONABLE steps for you to take. 

It is important to note, that although my role may include some kinds of advice, I am NOT a therapist! Mentoring with me should NOT replace the counsel or support of a licensed therapist or a medical practitioner. Please seek professional help first if needed.

What Can You Expect During A Mentorship?

  • I don’t do ‘cookie cutter’ mentoring. I meet you where you are and tailor your mentorship to YOU!

  • I request that all mentees first schedule a brief consultation visit with me. It’s important that we both feel comfortable working with one another before proceeding.
  • During your mentorship you will receive ongoing support. in most cases we will meet bi-weekly and you will have access to me via email, between appointments.
  • I use many spiritual tools and i rely on Source to direct me to which tools will help you best. My tools include my psychic abilities, energy work, Tarot & Oracle cards, pendulum, channeling spirit guides and mediumship to name a few. I am also a certified Psychic Tarot Life Coach. If you are looking for a specific type of tool, please be sure to mention that during your consultation.
  • Each session last about an hour. Sessions take place online via Zoom.
  • Expect to receive ‘Soul Work’ during each session. Soul Work consists of things that you commit to doing between sessions to benefit your growth. You will receive ACTIONABLE steps to guide you along your path.
  • It is my goal to provide you with a spiritual tool kit to guide you in this phase AND going forward. And to empower you to tap into your own knowing and guidance so that you can continue to grow and prosper even after your mentorship has ended.🖤

Let’s Get Started!

I currently offer three types of mentorship programs.

Two Week Mentorship

This is to help you with moving past a specific challenge or moving out of a period of stagnation.
We meet ONE initial time and I provide you with two weeks of follow up support.


3 Month Mentorship

This is ongoing support for 3 months to assist you with developing your spiritual tool kit and I will walk beside you as you take your next steps forward.
We have our initial meeting then 6 follow up sessions, each spaced bi-weekly.

or $222 monthly on a payment plan

6 Month Mentorship

This is ongoing support for 6 months to assist you with restructuring your life and moving towards your goals. You will develop your spiritual tool kit and receive assistance on how you can work more intimately with Source to live a more aligned life.
We will have our initial meeting and then 12 bi-weekly continued support sessions.

$1111 or $400 paid every 2 months on a payment plan

*Payment plans will be set up during your initial consultation if that is how you wish to pay. Payment plans require a commitment to pay for the entire plan as scheduled and not to cancel early. Thank you!

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