“I totally enjoyed my reading with Valorie! She pulled cards that were just perfect for this time in my life – and read them with great intuition and insight. You can feel her big heart and good vibes. I highly recommend a reading with Valorie!”

Kat B.
“Valorie pulled cards for me and it was so amazing and spot on!! It is rare for me to get chills or to get goosebumps. This happened over and over during our reading. She is incredible!!”

Kelly H.
“My reading with Valorie was absolutely amazing! She pulled cards that were spot on for where I’m heading. She read the cards with an abundance of thoughtful intuition and insight. I got total confirmation that my new business venture is on the right track. I wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Valorie!”

Mischa B.
“What can I say, Hands Down, The BEST Tarot reading Ever! Ever Ever! Valorie has stepped into her Power and WoW! With a keen understanding of the guidance provided through the Tarot, Valorie’s reading grounded me in truth and clarity with synchronicities that are simply astounding! Thank you Valorie for sharing your incredible gifts with us!”

Sophia C.
“Valorie is AMAZING! She’s in touch with Source and follows her intuition to tailor the readings right to me. I’m a repeat customer and will keep coming back for the way she clarifies exactly what I need to hear. Thank you Valorie for sharing your gifts with me! Bless you!”

Carly W.
“What a wonderful event. Valorie shared her wisdom and some great information on Pendulums. My pendulum chose me, I wasn’t looking for one, but could not pass it up. Now I know how to use it and what it is telling me. Thank you for these events!”

Pam W.