Discover your Tarot QUEENLY archetype and unlock your true potential!

10 Week Group Coaching Program

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Are you living the life you want?

Or….are you still waiting for ‘that’ day when things fall into place, ‘that’ day when you discover your purpose, ‘that’ day when your lover comes or ‘that’ day when you finally feel like a badass.

THAT day could be today!

THAT day could be everyday!

But  you just can’t figure out how to step into your Queenly power and claim your crown. You are still searching, praying, meditating, hoping that one day, someday, you will figure out how to be a Queen.

You’re not trying to be a Queen because someone told you to be a Queen, but because you FEEL it. You feel it in your soul…yearning for more, seeking expression in the physical, but unsure how to get what’s inside of you, OUT.

Do you know what being a Queen feels like?

      • It feels like personal power.

      • It feels like freedom.

      • It feels like sexiness.

      • It feels like fun.

      • It feels like you are living a purposeful life (finally!).

      • It feels like EVERYTHING you’ve been begging the Universe for!

In order to experience living in that Queen energy 

something needs to shift in your life…and that something is YOU!


Your days of blending in, people pleasing, playing small and procrastinating are over!! It is TIME for you to claim your QUEENDOM! It’s time to live your life from a level of purpose, passion and power!

I’m here to walk beside you and show you your power, show you how to CLAIM it and show you how to step into your purpose as a QUEEN! Let’s do this!

❌ This program is not for you if you just want to hang out with badass women and learn something new. You need to be ready to take it beyond just learning.

This program IS for you only if you are ready to make the commitment and take the actions necessary to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This is about BECOMING the Queen you were always meant to be. Embodying the energies. Living your life from a higher frequency. And changing your life and your reality to match what you want.


Are you ready?

Learn and understand how to fully embrace the Queen Energy that resides within you.


And use that energy to ELEVATE AND EXPAND all areas of your life…personal power, business, love, relationships and money.


Queen Energy is about FINALLY getting all you want from life!

This is for you if…

✨ You are ready for the next level but unsure how to get there

✨ You are ready to start living a more powerful and intentional life

✨ You are ready to leave behind common and ordinary

✨ You don’t feel at peace with who you are and know that something’s gotta change ASAP

You are sick of your own shit and are ready to be the Queen you came here to be!

Masterclass closed for 2022 – Current session began on Aug 22

10 Week Group Coaching Program


Introduction & Intention Setting

WEEK 2 -5

Cups – Tapping Into Your Intuition & Psychic Development

Swords – Deciding What You Want & Mindset Shifts

Wands – Following Your Heart. What Is Your Passion. Who Is The REAL You?

Pentacles – Manifesting. Creating Your Reality.


A Personal Message From A Queen – Powerful Guided Meditation


Working With Queen Energy

Calling in the power of each archetype. Rituals, Practices, Creating affirmations


Removing blocks to your power

Energy Work

Mindset Coaching


BEcoming the NEW You

Daily practices to fully become the Queen you are meant to be!


Closing Ceremonies

What’s Included

LIVE Weekly Coaching Sessions
Recorded Content
Voice & Text Messaging Pocket Coaching - Access to Valorie Outside of the Weekly Sessions
Exclusive Access to a Private Online QUEEN Only Group - Queens Suporting Queens
Downloadable Content

Sessions Begin January11, 2024

$398 – Pay in Full

Payment plan $148/month for 3 months

(Total $444)

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