Self-Love Bootcamp

Self-Love Bootcamp

14 Day Training

Why are you not currently loving yourself?

Self-love as a concept, as a theory, is SO EASY for you to grasp…but why the fuck are you not DOING it?!
This Bootcamp is going to make you take an honest assessment of why you deny self-love.

Are you self critical?
Are you a perfectionist?
Often worried about what other people think of you?
Tired of not getting what you want out of life?
Finding it hard to follow your intuition?
Do you struggle with body image issues?
Plagued by multiple failed relationships?
Afraid to go after what you really want?

All of these are symptoms of a lack of self-love. 
Your life cannot elevate beyond the limits you put upon yourself. You must change how you FEEL about YOU, before your life can reflect more of the things you want.

You keep claiming that you love yourself…but do you really???

This bootcamp will bring you face to face with your own blocks towards self-love, then together we will annihilate those blocks! 

We will tear down the old unlovable image of yourself and rebuild an authentic deserving LOVABLE new version of you!

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Space for this bootcamp is limited to only 8 recruits!

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Bootcamp starts on Monday May 24, 2021